Hi, let me introduce myself - My name is Michael Noble and I am a husband to Sarah and a father to three gorgeous children.

Having worked in the hairdressing industry for many years, my flare for creating shape and form and my love of working with people, has run parallel with my career as a photographer.

"So where did the name Palgrave come from?"

Francis Turner Palgrave compiled a poetry book called "The Golden Treasury". It is from my ancestor Francis Palgrave I received my middle name.

The Golden Treasury is a compilation of important poetic works and I believe that part of being creative in photography is being able to tell a story and evoke emotions and memories - hence the name Palgrave Photography.

My parents are both painters, my mother uses watercolours and my father works with oils. I enjoy doing pencil drawings but my passion for capturing images is my photography!
I hope that you have enjoyed finding out a little about me and I very much look forward to getting to know you.

Michael Noble.

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